Sign Materials

Please find descriptions of each material we use for our signs below:

NOTE:  the New Zealand outdoor elements (sun, wind, rain) can dramatically affect the life of any material left outside, our UV is high and can cause fading faster in some cases.

Self-Adhesive Digitally Printed Label:

Each label is individually printed onto self adhesive vinyl which has a life of 5+ years indoors and outdoors.

1.5mm PVC: 

PVC = Polyvinyl chloride is a RIGID thermoplastic polymer. Some of PVC plastic’s most important characteristics include its relatively low price, its resistance to environmental degradation (as well as to chemicals and alkalies), high hardness, and outstanding tensile strength for a plastic in the case of rigid PVC.

1.5mm Polypropylene:

WE print our standard stock sign on Polypropylene. Polyproylene is a thermoplastic polymer. The huge advantage of using this material for use in making signs is its incredible “toughness”, chemical resistance and the ability to be able to bend it to any shape. Also we love it because it can be recycled.

4mm ACM

4mm Aluminium Composite Material has a Polyethylene core sandwiched between 2 thin aluminium panels. The result is a light weight sheet with excellent flatness and flexural stiffness, which is ideal for interior and exterior applications.

1.6mm Aluminium Sheet: 

Light, durable and functional aluminium sheeting is an excellent choice for outdoor applications.


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