NZ School Signage Compliance

We are here to help you with your signage requirements, but we are not experts on compliance with regards to signs. Please contact your building/safety expert or local council on what your signage requirements will be for your School or Centre.

Health and safety information can be found on the Ministry of Education Website to help your school or early learning service meet the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 . Early learning services must also continue to meet current licensing or certification criteria, in addition to all relevant legislation.

Find out more about Health & Safety Systems for Schools and ECE Centres in NZ.

Some other helpful links that may help you:

  1. Health and safety practical guide for boards of trustees and school leaders
  2. Implementing the Health and Safety at Work Act – a guide for early learning services
  3. Smokefree Signage requirements for ECE centres and Kohanga Reo
  4. Bilingual Sign Installation in NZ Schools
  5. Māori Language Commission -Te Reo Translation List
  6. Māori Language Guide – Ministry of Māori Development
  7. Māori-English Bilingual Signage – A guide for best practice DOWNLOAD
  8. Safety in Pools in NZ Schools

Once you have your compliance sorted please contact us as we are the experts in terms of design!

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