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CYO|EG06GID – Putanga/Exit Bilingual Photoluminescent Sign


Code: CYO|EG06GID – Putanga/Exit Bilingual Photoluminescent Sign

Size: 580 x 290mm

Visibility: 16 meters

Material: This high visibility flat panel is manufactured from 5005 0.9mm aluminium sheet. Custom made photoluminescent pigments are embedded in thermoset polyester carriers to integrally bond the active ingredients onto the aluminium sheet following curing at high temperature. Computer cut vinyl applied to photoluminescent sheet.

These “Exit” Signs are designed to be used in and about buildings to identify escape routes to meet NZBC Clause F8 “Signs”. The signs will be clearly visible and readily understandable under all conditions of foreseeable use, including emergency conditions.



Code: CYO|EG06GID – Putanga/Exit Bilingual Photoluminescent Sign

What is Photoluminescence? “Having the ability to store incident electromagnetic radiation from ambient light sources. Then being able to release it in the form of visible light.”

It is cost effective and easy to install. Please contact us if you have any questions

This Photoluminescent Signage guarantees peace of mind especially when considering safe and effective evacuation of buildings in an emergency.

For more information about safety in the workplace please visit: WORKSAFE NZ

Safety Signs Sales Limited provides signs based on the customer requirements or stocks signs that are popular. We do not install signs or give advice on workplace safety.

Signs provide clear, concise information. They are often the first warnings people will have about your workplace, should they enter it.

There are some requirements for signs generally. For example:

  1. They must be made out of a durable material that won’t easily fade.
  2. They must be in plain English, readily understandable.
  3. The information (correct words and pictograms) must be clearly visible.
  4. They must be legible from not less than 10 metres away under varying conditions (for example, rain or poor light).

The images on our website contain watermarking because watermarks provide copyright protection of our sign designs. No watermarks will appear on any sign you purchase from this website.

NOTE: This product and associated images are copyright and remain the property of Safety Sign Sales Limited therefore are protected by New Zealand Copyright Laws. No person or entity can profit from the use of this image or any other image shown on this site under New Zealand Copyright Law.



580 x 290mm TE REO MAORI AT TOP, 580 x 290mm ENGLISH AT TOP

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